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Domain names : buy domain names. Register for personal, company, organisation or business use

We offer two ways of registering / buying domain names.

Firstly, you can buy cheap domains from as little as £3 p.a. per domain.

Secondly, if you prefer someone to personally 'handle' this for you please contact us with your domain name requirements and we can suggest appropriate domains, find out availability of those you like and purchase them on your behalf, subject to a purchase order and or payment. Click here to make an enquiry.


Why purchase domains for your web site?

Domains to find your business
Firstly, they are an easy way for people to find you. If you are known under a particular business name, people will often try typing this as a first port of call. If your competitor has this already then they may get the business!

Present a professional image for your business
Web sites without a domain name of their own do not give a good first impression.

If you see two web sites one with its own or .com and one without (where the hosting company is included as with '' below) then you will probably click on the first. For instance, which would you click on at a search engine?


Not only does it look like you cannot afford (or be bothered, as domains now start from £2.89 per year!) to have your own company name, it is much more difficult to give to people when they want it, for your staff to remember and for people to type into a web browser.


Domains to define your business
If your business is selling widgets then you might buy a or .com that has widgets in it, a domain of might be an example. Domains can be useful in tipping the balance for your ranking on search engines, by including product or search words within them.


Define your business area
If you sell to the UK and DON'T buy a UK domains, you will almost certainly be penalised by some search engines when people specify UK only during searches, so purchasing just the .com domains would be a mistake without the domain.

To continue to purchase a domain(s) or find out if your chosen domains are available please click on the banner below:



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