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Web site design and website Promotion FAQ

Answers below to web hosting, web page design website promotion and e-mail questions. If you have any questions that you cannot find answers to here, please contact us for further assistance (click here)

Web hosting
Web page design
Web site promotion / marketing questions
E-mail and Internet access questions

Web hosting

Q: How many web site names can I have pointing to the same site?
Ans: you can have as many as you like pointing to the one account, provided you purchase hosting from us. Please contact us for individual attention.

Q: Can I have multiple web sites within my one hosting package?
Ans: Yes, you can have multiple separate web sites using our facility - second and subsequent sites cost 50% o the standard first hosting price (bandwidth charges remain the same though). Please contact us to explain your needs.

Q: How much bandwidth do I get?
Ans: The bandwidth varies with each package please see the particular hosting package for details.

Q: Can I buy hosting from you without web site design?
Ans: Yes. Please contact us for details. However, we would generally advise you purchase our hosting as it allows us to make savings for you on web design and database design costs. Our web hosting facility has also been carefully provided for reliability, support and features.

Q: Can you supply domain names?
Ans: We can arrange supply of domain names for your site or you can do this with our domain name company directly and at a discount over the price charged if we arrange it for you. Please contact us to tell us your needs or click here to order domain names directly.

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Web page design

Q: What does your standard charge per page allow for?
Ans: We provide web layout design as standard within the price of the page. This includes all page graphics needed for navigation of the site. If you need a company image overhaul or logo design then this is charged extra.

Q: How big is 'a page'?
Ans: Generally speaking the web page should fit within an 800 x 600 screen size without any left to right scrolling necessary. We would advise keeping pages under 350 to 400 words as this starts to make them unreadable. Download size of a page should be kept at under 70K maximum but preferably no more than 40k to 50K.

Q: How many graphics can I have on a page?
Ans: As many as you like! Bear in mind that large graphics slow down site loading and you should keep within the rule above for web page size including graphics.

Q: What if I want to alter the page later?
Ans: Either we can make alterations to the pages at a small extra cost or you can do this yourself if you are confident enough to do so. Please see the next question also.

Q: Can I edit the site once you have finished it?
Ans: The web pages are yours once you have paid for them. You can edit the site yourself using the FTP facility provided to gain access. Should you wish us to alter pages at a later date however, we would need to know about your alterations before proceeding. Web page alterations to altered we pages that you have edited will be charged at standard web page rates per page, rather than discounted rates for unedited pages.

Q: I want a database driven site, is this the same charge per page?
Ans: No. Every database driven site is different. We operate on a fixed price for a specific database job and therefore please contact us to tell us your needs (click here).

Q: I want e-commerce, can you provide it?
Ans: Yes. Please ask for this on the request form and let us know roughly what you require. Each case is taken as individual. We offer on line credit card clearance options.

Q: Can I have complete control of the web design from start to finish?
Ans: We can offer you packages to allow you to design you site using your web browser, to retain all design elements yourself.

Q: Do you carry out graphic design within the prices?
Ans: Simple graphic design of the page is included. Design of the logo or production of a new company identity is charged at extra.

Q: Can I see examples of your work?
Ans: Yes. Please click here to see some examples of our web sites.

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Web site promotion / marketing questions.
Q: What size sites do you promote?
Ans: Any size of web site can be promoted but generally, the bigger the site the better, as under a certain size and search engine may not keep the site in their database. Generally, the more, quality pages you can put up the better.

Q: What sort of returns can I expect
Ans: We offer fixed price promotion packages which are based upon pay per visitor. Alternatively we have fixed monthly contracts. Return on investment really depends upon your web site layout, and your products suitability for resale on the Internet. The Internet is a good way of gaining useful leads and selling products. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

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E-mail and Internet access questions

Q: How do I collect my e-mail if I don't use you for Internet access?
Ans: You will need Internet access via an ISP but we provide you with the choice of e-mail forwarding to an existing Internet address of your choice or POP3 mailboxes so that you can collect directly from your account with us, whist connected to the Internet using your ISP.

Q: How many e-mail addresses can I have?
Ans: We give you unlimited POP3 mailboxes with your account or a 'default routing' facility to send anythingyoulike@youremailaddress to a POP 3 mailbox or an e-mail address of your choice.

Q: Is there a limit to the size of e-mails I can have?
Ans: Yes. We offer unmetered data transfer per month, with the only restrictions on standard accounts being that we do not allow streaming video and the e-mail attachment limit is 10Mb per e-mail. For video sites or sites requiring larger e-mail attachments, we offer a higher level of hosting at a slightly increased price.

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