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What makes web site design professional?

It’s the way you tell ’em
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Website content
One of the hardest tasks for any company is writing the content for their own website. When a person is so close to a subject, it becomes all too easy to miss out something vital.

The written text can assume things that visitors will not know, which leaves them with confusions, or missing vitally important facts that could make all the difference between them looking somewhere else or becoming your customer. For example it may be obvious to you that you provide the very best in after-sales support, but if you don’t say it, your visitor won’t know.

'Stickiness' is a very important feature of a website, it's the measure of how long a visitor stays before going elsewhere. Websites with poorly written content have a much lower stickiness than those designed with the visitor in mind.

Creating excellent web content requires the ability to understand what your company wants to communicate combined with the skill of communicating that clearly to the visitor. Clear concise writing with perfect spelling and grammar will ensure your complete message gets across.

If you want to ensure your website has content that truly communicates, speak to us.

Content checking
You know what you want to say on your website, but when you re-check your own text it’s very easy to see what you meant to write, rather than what you did write. Having someone independent taking a professional look at your words will help to get rid of those nasty little errors that always seem to get in.

Creating excellent web content means ensuring that all the text maintains the same style and that errors in spelling or grammar are corrected. It also means checking to ensure there aren’t any potential legal issues that might arise just because something hasn’t been said quite the right way.

If you want to ensure your website says what you meant to say, speak to us.

Web maintenance
When someone visits your web page they will be drawn in by an attractive design but if the information on the site is static or out-of-date they will soon be on their way again.

What's the point of having a product listed if the price is not competitive? What if a service you provide has been enhanced but the visitor thinks it's the same as last year and your company hasn't advanced? The embarrassment of explaining to a caller that the member of staff listed on the website has left? Wrong phone numbers and addresses are going to lose you money. Or having a news section where the last entry was 8 months ago (or longer)?

A lively changing website (or, at the very least, an up-to-date one) ensures that your visitors stay interested and are getting the right information. In this cut-throat commercial world you cannot afford to have this type of problem losing valuable customers.

But, unless your company is a huge blue-chip, maintaining the website is unlikely to need someone working full-time but it does need someone who can provide the service when it is needed.

Speak to us if you want to ensure that your website content is kept bright, up-to-date and interesting. We’ll take the trouble to call you and find out what’s new, and write it for you.

Is your documentation written by a techie who's first language doesn’t seem to be English? Or by someone who can communicate in English but doesn't understand the ins and outs of your products?

Finding someone who can understand what techies are talking about and can also communicate that to the non-technical isn't easy but we can help.

With 17 years experience writing for consumers you can be sure that technical matters will be understood and properly communicated.

A clear understanding of the material and a clearer explanation will make your documentation really communicate and that means:

Less time spent on support
Customers who really understand
Your reputation enhanced

If you want clear documentation that communicates, speak to us




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