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Twitter username harvester

Copy and paste text from any website containing Twitter @usernames, into the above box to begin.

For all you Twitter lovers, here's a free utility we created to allow import of Twitter usernames into Tweepi (that superb facility, for helping to research and build a Twitter base, as well as for managing followers). 

Simply go to a web page that has a list of Twitter @usernames on it and highlight the text. Then copy it and paste into the box to the right (or below on mobiles). Click submit and the utility strips out all of the @usernames from the text for you. This gives a comma separated list that you can cut and paste into Tweepi's import facility.

Why is this useful?

Well, if you want to see whether users in a conversation or a website list or search are worth following, then Tweepi gives great information about them. Our little utility allows you to drag a whole bunch of participants from the source and once we've cleaned it for you into Tweepi to give them individual attention, whilst streamlining the process.

If you like this facility, please share it and feel free to link, too :-)

Last update: 26.05.2016