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Graphic Design of web pages

Although we produce appropriate layouts within our web page prices, in some instances, where budget permits or original material is required from scratch, a specialist graphic design element is available for your web site.

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To explain further:

Click here for a bigger image - 25kWithin normal web site design prices we offer graphic design of the web site along your initial suggestions, where with your guidance we will produce what we feel is a good layout to suit your web site need.

The basic layout gives a clean, professional appearance and uses existing graphic elements supplied to us in electronic format. We produce appropriate buttons, tidy up images and optimise them for the web to allow speedy download.

The design to the left is one such example where we carried out limited graphic design based upon a supplied logo and images of their product. The logo was modernised by us, images of product faded and placed as a background and the logo was changed and used as a basis to produce the left hand navigation buttons, thus keeping the colour scheme correct.

Please click on the images to see a larger versions. Other examples of graphic design done at a basic level for web site are shown under the web site design section (please click here).

However, for more complex web site design where you wish to give a brief, have several designs produced for you from which you chose the best layout we have specialist graphic designers.

The site below was produced using such a process.

Web site page costs are in addition to the graphic design costs where specific use of a graphic designer is required.

We use dedicated graphic designers with decades of experience in order to produce professional designs based around your needs.

Other examples of graphic design carried out by our designers can be seen in this graphic design section (please click here).

click here for a larger image - 42KThis process is particularly useful where you wish to have original material produced rather than basing your site purely upon existing resources that you supply to us, such as logos, product pictures etc.

In addition we can originate logo designs, brochures, letter heads or other graphic design needs (please click here).

Again, the sites shown to the left and below are examples of sites where graphic design was the starting point of the process.

Click here for a bigger image - 46k
Two distinct and yet linked themes were produced so that although the sites are of a different colour scheme the layout shows that they are part of the same company group.

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Last update: 23.02.2017