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Website optimization to fit any budget.

Although we have given an outline of our website optimisation services below, if you prefer to talk with someone, please call and speak with us for a free no obligation consultation of your particular web site needs.

Our website promotional (some call this website optimisation) packages are split as follows:

1) DIY, self website optimisation

Tools for this method:

- Wordtracker - stop guessing and start finding out what people are really searching for.

- Domain names - appropriate domain names help with relevance of your site. Base the domain names on your key words for example.

-Search engine inclusion - guaranteed inclusion in Inktomi (MSN, Overture, Hotbot etc.), Altavista, and paid for inclusion in BT Looksmart

2) Payment per hit website promotion


- low initial outlay
- short minimum contract
- after set up charge, only pay per hit

Please click here to find out more.

3) Optimisation of an existing website


- fixed cost
- website retains optimisation changes at the end of the contract.

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4) New website : promotional website


- fixed cost
- Website retains optimisation changes at the end of the contract
- No alterations to your existing website
- Our most powereful method of optimization of your site

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Last update: 09.06.2017