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Build your own world wide web catalogue online with us!

Using your web browser our e-commerce web site builder allows you to set up your entire shopping catalogue with unlimited shopping pages. The whole system fits seamlessly with to provide both the shopping facility and the shopping cart controlled entirely using your web browser. Based around PHP and MySQL, the facility fits with many cheap UNIX web hosting facilities for excellent compatibility with your existing web host.

Our product builds upon the fantastic free e-commerce facility at which provides secure online order taking for credit card and cheque transactions. provides a host of free facilities such as a sophisticated e-commerce cart and affiliate program and other facilities including (for a small fee at interface with online credit card clearance houses such as Secpay (you need o have an Internet Merchant Account and there are also fees with the online clearance houses such as SecPay)


Main Features
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Easy navigation of your online catalogue with logical structure
Flexible and easy to use
Powerful administrative ability

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* Uses the highly popular and well established free shopping cart for secure online transactions but adds online management of your products to your website e-commerce facility.

* Unlimited shopping pages - have as many categories of products and as many products as you wish in an easy to navigate layout.

* Sales, category and product pages can use your existing web site layout with our powerful integration technique.

* Update using just your web browser

* Once installed at your web host, easy set up of sales introduction, category and product pages - takes minutes to get started and can be updated any time by you online.

* Written in PHP and using MySQL, this product is compatible with many cheap UNIX web hosting facilities including our own making for great compatibility with web hosts.

* No ongoing costs for using the facility apart from your hosing charges

* Instant update - your online catalogue will immediately update to reflect the changes, you make to your layout page(s).
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Easy navigation of your online catalogue with logical structure

* Products are grouped and listed under categories

* Category headings list products which then leads to product details.
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Flexible and easy to use

* Sales pages have flexibility to show product images and prices in a variety of areas of the page

* Easy addition and deletion of sales categories and products

* Import a number of products at a time.

* Export product details for easy backup

* Delete products and categories in groups for ease of use
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Powerful administrative ability

* Upload your sales images using your web browser or FTP images to your site and use them

* Control of category titles and descriptions

* Change sales prices, descriptions and images instantly online, as often as you like

* Change your administrator's password as often as you like
* Specify a different layout for product pages than that used for category pages
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See other features:

* No software to install
* Add images, text and files into pages using your web browser
* Use an original graphic design
* Optimise the pages for search engines
* Flexible menu structure
* Publish and unpublish pages any time
* Flexible page layouts.
* E-commerce option

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