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Optimise the pages for search engines.

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We have taken step to incorporate all up to date knowledge of optimisation techniques into our web site builder product - 'create your website'. This offers you a huge advantage over using other web site builders if they do not have the same knowledge built in!

In particular, you can:

1) Add Page title, description and keywords

2) For text and image roll-over menus, all links are real within the site, so the search engines can spider all of the pages.

3) Images can be uploaded have alternative text and link to url (alt text, which shows in browser).

4) Efficient output of code and other elements of optimisation allow you to optimise your database pages as never before!

5) Static web pages

The culmination of four years development has resulted in a further layer of optimisation for non e-commerce pages - and one of the more significant ones introduced of late. We site pages produced in the database appear to be 'static' to search engines.

This means that pages are not penalised for being database driven. In addition all links will be static and the administrator will have control of the page name including extension used (e.g.. .html, .htm etc.).

The pages will also load more quickly due to significant server time to serve the pages - this will result in less likelihood of search engine spiders missing pages due to slow reaction of the server - search engines spider whole sites in seconds.

In addition, production of apparently static sites will allow you to produce site map pages which significantly help in search engine penetration and cataloguing of your site.

6) Name the pages - you can name the pages as you like, allowing keywords and keyword phrases to be incorporated within the page url.

With such a comprehensive set of features for optimisation of the web site, this is taken care of as a good web site optimisation company would proceed. The rest is up to you!See other features:

* No software to install
* Add images, text and files into pages using your web browser
* Use an original graphic design
* Optimise the pages for search engines
* Flexible menu structure
* Publish and unpublish pages any time
* Flexible page layouts.
* E-commerce option


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