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Features - components of 'create your website'

Below are some of the main features of 'create your website'. Click on the links below to see the features in detail. We also have an FAQ with many of the questions that you may have are answered.

* No software to install - just use your web browser to build pages
* Add images, text, Flash and files into pages using your web browser
* Use an original graphic design
* Optimise the pages for search engines
* Flexible menu structure
* Publish and unpublish pages any time
* Control your site wide page layouts in one place.
* E-commerce option

Feature list

Interactive features

Interactive features on create your website include:

These days, there are so many things that can provide interactivity on your site. Using our web builder you can easily add videos from YouTube, add in social media buttons and code straight into the page or site wide. Many features are from third parties, like Twitter, or Facebook and their code can be simply inserted where you want on the page using our powerful snippet editor. This allows you to paste html directly into an area of the page and simply edit it later, without having to hunt for it. The editor allows code to be added page by page, or site wide. Changing the code can be site wide, even if it is only on selected pages. Want to add music? - simple see www.ennatariandreams.com - within five minutes, this site had music embedded on the page.

Response forms - response forms allow visitors to feedback straight from the page. We hide the e-mail address to prevent farming of the address.

- insert Flash onto web pages easily.

E-mail addresses
- click on an e-mail address and e-mail from that

Web links
- have web links to other sites. These can open new windows when the user clicks them, so you don't lose the visitor. You can link to documents and videos, PDFs and larger images where detail is to be shown. You can also control the size of the new widow which opens.

E-commerce facilities
- allow customers to buy straight from your site, even static pages can show cart contents.

Private areas
- customers can be given private access to areas of the site using password protection to allow them to log in to specific information for their eyes only.

Image roll overs
- use alternative images that show when the visitors mouse is placed over them. In addition, we have a special feature to allow images to roll over at a different location on the page, so you can have several images dotted around a page which make one central one change.

Interactive menu
- all the automated menus allow visitors to easily find what they require on the site. The most basic one is a text based menu, which you can have horizontal or vertical. In addition, you can have CSS menus, fully configurable with colours, fonts, font sizes, background images andd image rollover backgrounds, straight image roll over menus, when one button type just isn't enough, JavaScript fold out menus in either text or image roll over form, both of which can expand either horizontally or vertically. This gives you a huge range of styles you can use, all within the automated system.

JavaScript - add further features using free JavaScript - for example add current time and date, visitor data capture (counters) etc. using the web builder interface.


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