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Administration home

On this page you can set up your username etc..

It is possible to change your e-mail address, user name and password here or any combination of these. Whenever you do this, a reminder is sent to your registered e-mail address. If you change your e-mail, the first time you do so, a copy of the new user name and password is sent to your old e-mail address the first time as a precaution.

It is important that your e-mail address is kept up to date as this is where reminders are sent and where forms go unless otherwise specified.

'Number of Maximum Attempts' is the number of attempts that you can have logging in before the system needs a security number in addition to your user name and password for you to log in. This is to help guard against fraudulent attempts to log in. You can set this to whatever figure you require.

Members area: If you set password protection, this is where you put your user name and password to allow the system to publish in a password protected area. Set up your private user name and password for use here (click here for more details on password protection).

'Directory name' is the directory that will be used for passworded web pages.

Other features
Under the 'Administration home' page if you use advanced settings, there are more features for shopping, such as the cart set up for These are not explained here as they are usually set up for clients. Please call for further explanation if required.

Last update: 16.12.2016