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Easy to use CMS (Content Management System)

We're constantly striving to improve our CMS - our open door policy to support means that we encourage you to call for help whenever you need it. We're more than happy to hear from you, as if we have to answer the same question more than once, it's probably time we dealt with the reason for the issue or added clearer or easier ways to do things. This active feedback and the fact that we take pains to listen to and act upon customer suggestions whenever we feel it necessary means that the system becomes easier to use the longer it is around. And it's been around since 2003...

We love it so much, we use our own product!

Well, that might seem logical, but it's not always going to be the case with companies that have large corporate sites. Because we actively use our own CMS every working day, this gives us more reason to make editing and publishing of websites more and more streamlined.

It also means that we enhance our CMS whenever possible, using systems that allow us to track and record visitors and best practices that help to encourage people to visit and then call / respond, no matter what the level of visitors to the site.

Last update: 17.12.2016