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Editing tools
Below is a copy of the tools available within the web builder. Click on each for the relevant help files:

Edit content boxesPublish or republishPage choicesHelp filesPreview pageSave page
Find and replaceCutCopyPastePaste from external sourceUndoRedoTable - insert or editInsert or edit an imageInsert or edit mediaInsert an emoticonAdd rule offAdd or edit a linkInternal page linkInsert or edit bookmarkInsert special charactersAdd a formAdd a text fieldAdd a text area (form)Add a buttonAdd a drop down list (form)Add a tick boxAdd radio buttonInsert content markerInsert roll over image
StylesFontSizeBoldItalicUnderlineMore font optionsFont colourHighlightAlign leftAlign centreAlign rightFully justifyMore paragraph optionsNumbering - ordered listBullet points - unordered listMore list optionsDecrease indentIncrease indentAdd or edit html snippetsAdd image galleries to pageAdd content box

Web pages list

When you first log into your website, you are presented with a list of web pages that you currently have on the site.

Above the pages list are two options, Add page, which immediately creates a new page and 'List of pages'.

List of pages shows all pages on the website by default but can be used to show only pages within a section or subsection, by selecting the desired section on the drop down menu.

Below this, is the list of pages, which will look something like this:

Dealing with each column in turn:

Page name: the name appearing within the menu - this will be shown on the website if you use the automated menu. Even if you choose just to link manually, it is still useful to keep this logically named. Clicking on the page name will take you to page choices where you can edit it.

This column shows whether a page is live or not.

See also publishing within the page and publishing the first time which uses this tool icon in the page editor Publish or republish

If a page is ticked, it is currently published. See also the static file name. Clicking on the 'go' button republishes web pages on the site. This uses the following rules:

You can choose to publish 'Changed pages' (see static file name below), 'All pages' or to unpublish pages (which must firstly be unticked).

Only pages showing in the list are published - so you can select just a subsection and only pages in that showing list will be updated.

By default the system just republishes changed pages, so anything you have updated or just added.

Appears in menu under: This column shows the menu heading under which the page sits. If it is within a subsection, this is shown in brackets, with the section showing before the brackets. Clicking on the menu name will take you to page choices where you can edit it.

Static File Name: Web pages have to have a file name, like any document. The file name is editable. By default, the system names a page untitled.html and increments a number afterwards so that no two web pages are the same name. For instance, the fifth page down above is called untitled542.html. Naming files logically helps to keep them well ordered and may also help with search engine optimisation.

If a file name shows red (see the top product.html in the list) then this means that it has been edited but not republished - changes made to a page are not shown live until they are republished.

Clicking on the file name in the list shows you the current published version of the page.

You can alter the page file name in page choices but be careful to republish any pages which link to the page and later any manually produced links to the page.

Display order: Web pages are listed in display order under the section and subsection headings. The lower the number, the higher on a vertical menu the web page will be (or the further to the front of the list on a horizontal menu).Menu sections also use the same principal. Clicking on the display order next to the page will take you to page choices where you can edit it.

Edit page: Takes you to the page editor, where you can update the page content.

Tick next to a page that you wish to delete and then click on the 'Delete' button at the bottom of the pages list to delete it.

Tick next to a page that you wish to copy and then click on the 'Copy' button at the bottom of the pages list to copy it.


Last update: 30.03.2017