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When you add or edit a product you get the following options:

Fill in the options, as you require, these being

Product name - used as the title of the product, and in ordering.

Stock code is used if you wish to monitor product stock levels, This works by default with Paypal only. If you wish it to work with other payment gateways, please ask (£POA).

The price is in your currency and needs no symbol, this is set up on the product list page at the bottom.

Units is used with Mal's e-commerce unit carriage calculation and is not necessary to alter unless you have a weight based carriage cost system.

Brief description is used next to the thumbnails within the category product list and can also be used on the product page if wanted.

Main description is used to give more product details.

The product images are uploaded here. You can upload the image and thumb image separately if you wish. Once the images are uploaded, clicking on the file name will pop up the image for you to inspect if required.

Clicking on the 'Update' option for the 'Product image' will bring up the following window (the thumbnail image just brings up a browse for image option):

If you have suitably sized images for the products, (generally less than 100k in size and usually less than 500 pixels across) then simply browse up the image you require off your hard drive, making sure you click the 'Don't resize' option.

If you have images that are too large but are less than 1Mb in file size, you can use our automatic image resizing facility.

You can then click the option to produce a thumbnail also, in which case you just need to browse once.

The system resizes to the size you specify (width) and automatically scales the image in proportion vertically also.

When you change the settings, the system will remember all the options you used for the next time you upload images, to save you re setting them all the time.

You can have up to ten options for a product. If you put a price option there, the price will change if the option is selected by the site user, otherwise it will use the default price.
Using this option will produce a drop down menu with the product for the customer to select. This is used under the 'Features label' (which is editable from the product set up at the bottom of the product list page).

In addition, you can have up to ten sub options, which don't affect the price but which can give you further fine tuning for a product.

If used, a further drop down product option is displayed under the label you choose.

Last update: 16.12.2016