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Product categories

Categories are were products are placed to keep them in order of type - for instance Shirts and Skirts would be two separate categories.

Here's a quick video on how to add categories to the menu system. Categories are added manually to the menu.



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To add a category, simply type the name in the category name box, any category description that you require and a display order. The display order organises the list of categories on the sales page that shows to the public. The lower the number, the higher up the list it is. Click add category to complete the process.

Categories are listed alphabetically in your list but display on the site in display order, 1 being higher up on the list that 2 and so on (or for horizontal menus, 1 is further left than 2 in the list).

In order to edit a category name, description or display order, simply click on edit next to the category and the details will be placed where you were editing them before. You can now update display order, category name and the description.

If you wish to delete a category you can click on delete category next to it on the right hand side but it wont allow you to delete it if you have products in it. In this instance, you would either need to move or delete all the products first,or rename the category. NB products can be moved from one category to another using using the choices when you edit the product (click here).

At the bottom of the category list page, there are options for setting up the sale page, which lists the categories. You can have an image with link to any page (such as a special offer) on the top and this is dealt with on sales page picture and hyperlink.

The next options decide how many categories are listed on the page before a new one is required.

Below this option, you can type text which appears to introduce the list of sales categories.

Last update: 12.02.2018