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Editing tools
Below is a copy of the tools available within the web builder. Click on each for the relevant help files:

Edit content boxesPublish or republishPage choicesHelp filesPreview pageSave page
Find and replaceCutCopyPastePaste from external sourceUndoRedoTable - insert or editInsert or edit an imageInsert or edit mediaInsert an emoticonAdd rule offAdd or edit a linkInternal page linkInsert or edit bookmarkInsert special charactersAdd a formAdd a text fieldAdd a text area (form)Add a buttonAdd a drop down list (form)Add a tick boxAdd radio buttonInsert content markerInsert roll over image
StylesFontSizeBoldItalicUnderlineMore font optionsFont colourHighlightAlign leftAlign centreAlign rightFully justifyMore paragraph optionsNumbering - ordered listBullet points - unordered listMore list optionsDecrease indentIncrease indentAdd or edit html snippetsAdd image galleries to pageAdd content box

Insert content markerCustom markers are used to add special functionality to a page and with e-commerce facility.

Web page and template markers

Clicking on the  Insert content marker icon opens the following pop up within the template editor.

Insert marker

Click on the relevant items in order to add them to the website template. The following markers are available:

Editable Marker - numbers 1-10 - these add extra editable areas where they are placed within the template. They become extra content areas - up to ten further areas per page - for each web page and the content will move where the markers are moved if you redesign the template or use another template for a web page.

Page Content - this marks where the main content for a page will be

Page Publish Date - Adds a date when the page was last updated when the page is re published

Breadcrumb - adds breadcrumb links where the marker is.

Referral Capture via Form - collects data on where visitors landed on a site and which page they responded from if a response form is used.

Menu 1 - adds menu 1 where the marker is

Menu 2 - adds menu 1 where the marker is

Open Graph Content - OpenGraph content is added where the marker is (in the head of the template)

Canonical tag - A rel = canonical url for the page is added where the marker is (in the head of the template)

Comments Form - Allows people to comment on the page or blog page and the comments are dynamically added to the page

Comments Listings - Comments are listed at this point

Sitemap - Add this marker onto a page called sitemap.html in the home menu (in whereever menu index.php or index.html is situated) and html sitemap pages will be generated from this page, together with next and previous links linking all html sitemaps together.

Blog item markers

The following blog markers are available:

Page Category Menu - where the posts will appear

Blog Category Menu - where the category menu list will appear

Blog Category Scroll Menu - where the category horizontl scrolling menu will appear if required

Blog Latest Posts Listings - where the latest posts will appear

Blog Recent Posts Listings

Blog Category Posts Listings


Ecommerrce markers

There are many makers, and these were originally used to mark the position where e-commerce items will show. With the e-commerce, they allow you to design your own page to display products and to alter that as you wish, with any special information. You place the markers where you wish products, images etc. to appear and when the dynamic part of the e-commerce system shows your potential customers a product, it uses your page, reads where the markers are and displays the relevant information in real time.

Most markers are used on special pages, picked up and used for the dynamic e-commerce pages, however, there are two, cart contents and cart details, which are used to mark where cart contents are shown on static published pages. This information allows customers to see items in their cart and total value, despite the fact that the pages they are looking at are not dynamic.

Product Variants Filter

Product Image

Product Image Gallery

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Sub Features

Order Image

Display Cart Details

Show Cart


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Cart Contents

Price Menu


Last update: 14.03.2017