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Editing tools
Below is a copy of the tools available within the web builder. Click on each for the relevant help files:

Edit content boxesPublish or republishPage choicesHelp filesPreview pageSave page
Find and replaceCutCopyPastePaste from external sourceUndoRedoTable - insert or editInsert or edit an imageInsert or edit mediaInsert an emoticonAdd rule offAdd or edit a linkInternal page linkInsert or edit bookmarkInsert special charactersAdd a formAdd a text fieldAdd a text area (form)Add a buttonAdd a drop down list (form)Add a tick boxAdd radio buttonInsert content markerInsert roll over image
StylesFontSizeBoldItalicUnderlineMore font optionsFont colourHighlightAlign leftAlign centreAlign rightFully justifyMore paragraph optionsNumbering - ordered listBullet points - unordered listMore list optionsDecrease indentIncrease indentAdd or edit html snippetsAdd image galleries to pageAdd content box


UndoRedoInsert an emoticonInsert special charactersPublish or republishSave page

Publish or republish This icon allows you to publish or republish a page and appears when a page is saved. The first time a page is published, it will take you to the pages list, publish the page and update any pages that link to it via a menu. The second and subsequent times, you will be able to republish the page straight from the page editor when you are ready to make the alterations live on the website.

See also Publishing from the web pages list (click here - opens in a new window).


Save pageSaves the document.

The page name, the file name of the page and other attributes are all deal with under the page choices.

'Create your web site' will have automatically added a file name and extension for you, e.g. untitled123.html but you can have better control of this for ease of use and search engine optimisation reasons.

Insert special charactersSpecial characters

Adding Content Areas (div Tags) To A Web PageOpens a window to insert a special character in the current cursor position

Click on the desired symbol to insert it into the page where the caret is. Your selection is as follows:



UndoUndo the previous change to the document

This only works in a limited way, mostly for text changes, and due to the complexity of modern web pages is seldom useful. It is better to save the web page regularly and work from that point. If you make a big mistake, do not save the page, try this option first and if it does not work, simply refresh the page to get back to the previously saved state.

RedoRedo the last undone change to the document.

lIt is the opposite of the undo function. The same restrictions apply.


Insert an emoticon Use these sparingly! Click on this icon to bring up available emoticons, these can be added directly to the text and are little animated gifs.

Emoticons available



Last update: 30.03.2017