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More advanced functions

More complex editing tools allow you to do more sophisticated things, like adding tables, easy editing and inclusion of snippets of html from external souces such as Youtube where you wish to embed videos, or add a different functionality to a page or a site as a whole like social media icons or chat facilities. An internal and external link editor allows you to browse through the website to correctly add links into page text or from an image.

We have our own gallery editor, which comes mobile ready as standard, and you can add content boxes on the page where you want more complex in page layouts. Our content box editor allows further control over a individual page, giving content areas that can float left, middle or right on a page, with the ability to make them set or percentage widths and additionally to control whether they scale to 100% in mobile or keep their proportions.Various border and other effects are included and more are being added over time.

Last update: 03.01.2017