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Editing tools
Below is a copy of the tools available within the web builder. Click on each for the relevant help files:

Edit content boxesPublish or republishPage choicesHelp filesPreview pageSave page
Find and replaceCutCopyPastePaste from external sourceUndoRedoTable - insert or editInsert or edit an imageInsert or edit mediaInsert an emoticonAdd rule offAdd or edit a linkInternal page linkInsert or edit bookmarkInsert special charactersAdd a formAdd a text fieldAdd a text area (form)Add a buttonAdd a drop down list (form)Add a tick boxAdd radio buttonInsert content markerInsert roll over image
StylesFontSizeBoldItalicUnderlineMore font optionsFont colourHighlightAlign leftAlign centreAlign rightFully justifyMore paragraph optionsNumbering - ordered listBullet points - unordered listMore list optionsDecrease indentIncrease indentAdd or edit html snippetsAdd image galleries to pageAdd content box

Cut, copy paste and paste from external source

There are a range of other important page functions which do not fit under a particular heading. These are explained below:

CutCopyPastePaste from external source


Cut selection

CutCut selected portion of the document.The same thing can be achieved byhitting the delete key on your keybaord when a text or image is highlighted.

NB This will delete it and not put it to the clipboard.


Copy to clipboard

CopyCopy selected portion of the document to clipboard

TIP: Keyboard shortcut [ctrl] + [c] will achieve the same thing - this works in most desktop applications and can be used to copy from Word or off any highlighted text, such as on a web page or other text document where you firstly highlight the area (either drag the mouse over the text area whilst holding the left mouse button or [ctrl]+[a] often works to highlight all the page).

Copy used on a web page will copy the approximate formatting and links. NB please note the copyright conditions of web sites you copy from.

This feature is intended to make it easier for you to transfer your web site from a different facility to ours or where you have permission to copy pages.

NB Please make sure you have permission from sites before you use any text, images or other resources on your site as there may be copyright implications. It is your responsibility to police this.


Paste from clipboard

PastePaste content of the clipboard to the current cursor position

TIP: Keyboard shortcut [ctrl] + [v] held at the same time to achieve the same thing.

Special functions

Pasting from Word, Excel, Skype etc..

A note of caution: you will also introduce spurious formatting, more appropriate for use on text documents in word processing. By doing this it can cause you to have formatting problems. We advise you use the paste from external source option, as this way you know you have clean text.

Paste from web pages

You can copy and paste straight from another web page on your own website. Highlight the web page and copy it [ctrl]+[c] and then paste into the page editor - place the caret into the page at the point you wish to paste and paste [ctrl]+[v]. Fonts, and tables will largely be preserved, as will absolute references back to images (that means these will be on someone else's web site) and any links will be preserved also.

Alternatively highlight the area on the web page you require and then, with the mouse pointer over the highlighted area simply drag the mouse (holding the left button) into the page editor page.

NB: If copying from another web site use the paste from external source option, below to strip out styles.

NB This also has copyright implications.
Make sure you have permission from the site owner before copying text and images from a site.


Paste from external sources including Word

Paste from external sourcePaste MS Word formatted content from the clipboard in the current cursor position. This removes all empty tags and style formatting before pasting.


Paste from external sources 

Tables should be shown as equivalent HTML tables and fonts will be preserved in many cases.

NB To cut and paste straight from Word does not strip this out and is not recommended.  Instead, use the paste from external source box to correctly remove spurious formatting.

Be aware that if you cut from another web page or Word, your web page may behave in unexpected ways if you do not use the paste from external source option, as there may be formatting or features in there that the original author placed there. This can mean that you are unable to format a page correctly or remove all formatting properly. As an alternative, and if you don't wish to preserve images and tables, etc. you cut and paste into Windows text editor, thencopy this text editor text area and paste into your web page, as this will the import just pure text.

Last update: 29.03.2017