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Editing tools
Below is a copy of the tools available within the web builder. Click on each for the relevant help files:

Edit content boxesPublish or republishPage choicesHelp filesPreview pageSave page
Find and replaceCutCopyPastePaste from external sourceUndoRedoTable - insert or editInsert or edit an imageInsert or edit mediaInsert an emoticonAdd rule offAdd or edit a linkInternal page linkInsert or edit bookmarkInsert special charactersAdd a formAdd a text fieldAdd a text area (form)Add a buttonAdd a drop down list (form)Add a tick boxAdd radio buttonInsert content markerInsert roll over image
StylesFontSizeBoldItalicUnderlineMore font optionsFont colourHighlightAlign leftAlign centreAlign rightFully justifyMore paragraph optionsNumbering - ordered listBullet points - unordered listMore list optionsDecrease indentIncrease indentAdd or edit html snippetsAdd image galleries to pageAdd content box

Miscellaneous functions

There are a range of other important page functions which do not fit under a particular heading. These are explained below:

Preview page

Preview page Preview page
Shows a preview of the content being edited in the separate window. Use it to see, how the content will look in your browser.


Unlike some other CMS systems, saving the web page does not automatically update the live page. In this way, you are able to work on a page adn save it over time before you area ready to commit to  making the updates public. Preview allows you to see the finished page before deciding to publish for the first time or to  republish.

First save the alterations on your page, then click the 'preview page' icon and this will show you how the page will look when published.

This facility allows you to make alterations without actually affecting the published page, whilst easily showing you what the end result will be.

Please note. If you save a page and then publish it, the alteration will take effect on the live page also.

Last update: 27.03.2017