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Create or edit your website's template

Create your website gives you creative control right from the word go. We can produce your template for you if you wish, but it's entirely up to you if you want to do so yourself. Our powerful template editor lets you have control of the template production direclty using Firefox or Chrome web browsers on a PC or Apple desktop or laptop machine.

Whether we create it for you, or you do it yourself, you'll still have the ability to visually edit the site template, making adjustments as you require.  Manual fine tuning of the template using CSS properties is available for those with more in-depth knowledge, for those more unusual features you may wiish to add that aren't standard within our features.

Other template features

Easily add automated mobile ready menus where you want them, and configure them to the font, size and effect you want using font size, colour, roll over background colour and roll over or image background and roll over options.

Add search option for products or pages within your template. 

Mark a main editable area for content within your template and give up to ten additional work areas within a template layout where each page can have more original content areas but within a standard template layout. These can easilybe moved to new areas within the template or within a new template, allowing radical redesign of a website later on, simply by editing of the main template.

Produce multiple templates with variations if required for different sections, which can be selected and used for individual pages or product groups.

Add standard html snippets easily, to allow addition of code from third party html needed for facilities like social media share icons, newsletter sign ups and chat facilities, Google Analytics, Youtube, Vimeo and other video sources, third party affiliate and specialised applications such as booking or reservation facilities by specialist companies. This allows a high level of configuration and the ability to change html embedded across multiple pages and templates on a site in one fell swoop.


Last update: 02.01.2017