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By pressing this button, a marker is placed where your caret was last put in the window. This marker shows where menu 1 will go. The marker looks like this:

<-- #Menu_1 -->

You can delete this by highlighting and you can cut and paste it elsewhere on the page. If there is no marker, there will be no menu 1 shown on the page.

You have a choice of one or two menus on your page. Both will work together in synch as you navigate through the site. However, this gives you the chance to have both a vertical and horizontal menu on the same page and showing in different places. A practical application being that many sites have menus at the top or mostly on the left. This also allows you to have a horizontal menu at the bottom of the page to allow users of the site more scope in finding their way around - especially on deep (long) pages.

A second marker can be used to incorporate a text based menu to allow for easy spidering of the web site by the search engines.

Last update: 17.12.2016