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Editing tools
Below is a copy of the tools available within the web builder. Click on each for the relevant help files:

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Tables and mobile compatible tables

Adding and editing tables

Table - insert or edit Using the 'Table' button creates a table in the current cursor position or to change properties of the selected table - see below (click here).

Tip: For most layouts, if not all, choose a percentage, so that the table scales to the width of the screen.

Tip: Tables are not the friendliest option for use on mobile devices and care must be taken not to break a moblie layout using them. Having said that they still have their uses where tabulated data is needed (just be careful with content width) and indeed appear as structured data in Google queries, so they still have their place on websites. 

Under the 'Basic' tab, the first screen looks as follows and allows you to insert a table, choose the number of rows and columns, width in percent or pixels and whether there is a heading coloumn and / or heading row. You can choose to insert the table or click on the next tab.

Insert a table

The 'Options' tab gives you control over whether you want a border, cell margins (the space within a cell of a table that moves contents away from the edge of the border), border colour and background colour of the table.

Options tab

Editing an existing table

You will get an option to edit table if you right button over the table, where you will see this option and can click 'Table Properties' to get to a table editor. You can also use it to add and delete rows and columns and merge cells together:

Edit a table 

or select the table by clicking on it and clicking the table iconTable - insert or edit once more.

Once you have clicked on 'Table Properties' you will reach the following screen, that allows you to configure the table in a more fine-tuned way:

Basic options within the table tab

From the 'Basic' option of the 'Table' tab, you can change the width, heightand position of the table overall. Clicking on the 'Options' choice of the 'Table' tab takes you to this screen:

'Options' tab within the table tab 

Which as before when adding the table, is the 'Options' tab which gives you control over whether you want a border, cell margins (the space within a cell of a table that moves contents away from the edge of the border), border colour and background colour of the table. However, in addition it allows you to choose a background image for the table, too.

Moving on to the row tab, you get to this screen:

Table editing 'Row' tab, basic option. 

From this tab, you can choose whether the contents of a row are positioned at the top, middle or bottom of table cells within a row. You can move between rows changing the properties row by row.  

Clicking on the 'options' tab within this row tab takes you to the next screen:

Editing table row 'Options'

The table row, 'options' tab allows you to change the background colour of the table row.

Clicking on the 'Cell' tab, takes you to this screen:

Editing a cell, 'Basic' tab. 

The table 'Cell' 'Basic' tab allows you to edit the width and height of an individual cell of a table, either in percentage or pixels. It also allows the individual cells to be set so that the conten is positioned at the top, middle or bottom of the cell. 

The final option is the Cell, 'Options' tab which brings you to this screen:


This enables you to edit the background colour or image for an individual table cell.


Last update: 30.03.2017