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Web site optimisation (FAQs)

If you want help with using the system, some of the questions may be answered here but in-depth help is available in the help section.

Click on the headings below to begin. If you have any further questions not answered, you can contact us or use our form. The FAQs are divided into four main sections:

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Sales questions
Questions on features
Search engine optimisation features

Web site optimisation

Click on the questions to find the answers.

If I use 'create your website':
Can the search engines find my site?
Can the search engines navigate my site?
Can I add key words to my site myself?
Will my site be search engine friendly?

Can the search engines find my site?
Our facility allows you to register your site with the search engines automatically if hosted with us.
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Can the search engines navigate my site?
Yes, because the links within 'create your website' pages are real, the site is easy for the search engines to find all of the pages
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Can I add key words to my site myself
You can add keywords and phrases into all of the major important areas of your web pages. In particular, you can add keywords to the title, keywords and description meta tags using your control panel. Key words can also be included in alt text of images, headings and in the page names themselves. You can also incorporate key words in page names and web page file names.
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Is my site search engine friendly
Highly! Because the standard web pages show as static, i.e. .html files, not only can you optimise them but they are also more friendly as far as search engines are concerned and are more likely therefore to be considered important and relevant. Pages with '?' in the url can often be found but may be ranked further down in importance due to their being database driven.

Also friendly file structure, canonical, optimised to pass google tests , mobile friendly, efficient, xml and html sitemaps.
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Last update: 28.12.2016