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Website design affiliate programme

Earn money through recommendations!

Get huge rewards for creating more sales for us. We've successfully worked with many recommendations and client referrals over the years and offer excellent returns depending upon how you wish to work with us. You can simply recommend people to us and earn a commission for each sale. Alternatively, become a certified reseller and make more money if you build the website for the client directly or in conjunction with us.

Recommendations offer the easiest option as all you need do is email us with details and we'll keep you appraised of any sales as we progress. Contact us on 01279 755155 to discuss this further, or use our online form, or the chat below to speak to a human straight away.

Ongoing, multiple commissions per client

However long the client remains with us, you will continue to earn new commissions each year on any repeat or new business. In addition to ongoing hosting, we have found over the years that many clients have several websites over time - both for new projects and redesigns of existing sites - and this can mean multiple commission payments over time if your referrals do the same.

Low risk, low hassle for you

Because we offer full support, including pre and post sale telephone, chat and email support for both websites and hosting, you can relax knowing that we have it all in hand for you.

Diversified products offer you better returns

Not only will you earn from successful website referrals, but as we also successfully carry out SEO campaigns for clients, often at much higher charges than the original website, you can stand to gain income streams that you had not necessarily expected or been able to benefit from before.

Earn more from their recommendations

We feel it is important to maximise your returns and so we offer a second teir of commission which comes from any recommendations that your client makes directly with us. 

How do we track this?

Because we work closely with our referral providers, we will make sure your involvement is noted as soon as we receive notification from you of a potential website. You can check directly with us, or with the client over time to see how they are getting on, and we are completly transparrent about where we are and invoices / payments made.

We take leads seriously

We maximise your lead revenue by thoroughly following up referrals. Any leads are replied to within a few hours of receiving them. We back-check and follow up leads with dedicated telemarketing to consistantly update the clients' position in the sales funnel. Our sales process help to make sure that nobody falls through the cracks and that any new information requested is sent to each client in a timely and accurate manner.

Contact us on 01279 755155 to discuss this further, or use our online form, or the chat below to speak to a human straight away.


Last update: 03.01.2017